interior painting



Did you buy a new construction house and need your “tinted primer” painted over asap? We can take care of every square foot in 5 days or less. With your included complimentary color consultation you can be sure you have the right paint colors the first time for your interior painting project.

Older home where your walls need a little bit of TLC, we’ve got hue covered. Most prep work( spackling and caulking) is included in your estimate.

exterior painting



Hardy board fading in the Charlotte sun? With our Exterior painting experience, We can repaint trim and siding as well as painting or white washing all brick homes. We can even repair wood root on doors, stairs and decks. Your curb appeal is important estetically but also can increase the value of your home.  Offering complimentary color consultations makes it easy to get the paint color right the first time.

deck staining



With a professional power wash and Sherwin Williams Super Deck Oil or water based stain we can stain just about anything. We cover your home ( and sometimes your neighbors) and leave

a professional Spray Finish for your exterior painting project.  Charlotte , Fort Mill and waxhaw neighbors will be envious. Get a designer look with 2 tone paint colors palette.

Murals and Faux Finishes


How it all Began! Although Alexis still enjoys being artistic, with a larger business to run, she is only able to take on projects where there is other work being done. Man caves and baby nurserys . Have the space you see in magazines.

Fence painting/staining


 With a professional power wash and Sherwin Williams Super Deck Oil or water based stain or Sherwin Williams Woodscapes, we can bring new life to that old worn looking fence and leave

a professional Spray Finish that is backed by an 8 year warranty.

Cabinet Refinishing


Whats the cheapest way to update your kitchen!? Refinishing your cabinets! Some people dont have or dont want to shell out 35k+ on a full kitchen remodel. You can do just your cabinets or add in a new backsplash and/or counters. In Charlotte, fort mill and waxhaw, you can expect to see over 100% return on investment. 

Our Process

Interior Painting Checklist


What to Expect!

  • Estimate

Prior to Painting a house, there are several factors that must be considered.  Is there any water damage, cracking caulk, drywall patches, etc. The initial walk-through is especially  important for.  We use Sherwin Williams Zero VOC Pro Mar 200 paints for walls, unless a client asks otherwise.  We want to learn all about your needs and expectations to deliver the best customer experience and final product as possible!

  • Color Consultation & Scheduling

        Now it is time to schedule a complimentary Color Consultation and collect the deposit if you decide to move forward and schedule.  Keep in mind, we cannot put your project on our schedule until the deposit is received.

  • House Protection, Preparation and Pre-Painting Walkthrough Includes:

  1. Plastic on All furniture, bathroom fixtures, stone, all cabinets and toilets.
  2. Canvas tarp/painters paper and/or plastic on all floors to the door in which our crew will be using and in all rooms we are working in.
  3. Remove Blinds if needed (no window casings).
  4. Remove Bathroom Mirrors, if needed or able.
  5. Ask where to wash brushes and other equipment (outside or laundry sink).

  • Wall Preparation.  What’s Included:

  1. Patch up any open holes.  If you leave a nail or screw in the wall, we will not remove it.
  2. Fix nail pops that have broken through sheetrock.
  3. Tape will be used on chair rails and baseboards.
  4. Caulked where needed and/or cracked AND where wall meets ALL trim.

  • Spot-Priming

        Any spackled areas will be spot primed.

  • Now it’s time to Paint!!! 
  • Job Cleanup:

Cleanup will take place after all of the painting work is complete.  All areas will be de-masked. Plastic and tape will be thrown into trash bags.  All empty paint cans will be boxed up.

  • Blue Tape Walkthrough 

One blue tape walkthrough will be conducted.  Homeowner can mark areas that need to be touched up   and or fixed.

  • Final Walkthrough

         We will do one last walkthrough to ensure that you are satisfied with our work and address blue taped items.  Final payment is made at this time.  The client has 3 days to bring any other touch up needs to the attention of Carberry Custom Color.  At no charge, we will come back and touch up those items.

  • TADA!  Now it’s time to take a step back and admire your transformed home, and of course, we will leave you with any extra paint for future use or reference.